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January 28, 2012

Announcing a new challenge: extreme ironing the Hastings Half Marathon

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Almost 8 years ago I retired from Extreme Ironing. It’s a sport that I had come up with a few years earlier and I’d had an amazing time with it, running competitions, doing interviews, writing a book and participating in the World Championships. But after a tour of the States with Rowenta, I decided that enough was enough – it was time to throw in the (ironed) towel.

But now I’m back. Why? Well, last year my mum died of cancer and I was trying to think of a way of marking her passing and raising money for St Michael’s Hospice. Extreme Ironing seemed the logical choice and Team Steam was born.

It’s funny writing a new post on this blog (my personal running and sport blog is now Oscar Mike), but it’s kind of appropriate. I gave up the Red Bucket blog when I heard that my Mum had got cancer, just in the middle of a Juneathon. A year later she had died and I’m still kind of shocked by how quickly it had all happened. If you want to know more about why I’ve decided to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice, check out the video on YouTube.

Extreme Ironing for St Michael’s Hospice.

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